Sunday, September 24th, 2017


DietPsyche staff are personal trainers for using the mind to achieve the body and life you want.

By using the DietPsyche approach we want you to….

  • Look good, be fit and feel fabulous
  • Love yourself inside out
  • Build better relationships

Anita Cochrane, DietPsyche’s founder, said it took her just a few months after finishing Nutrition and Dietetics qualification three decades ago to realise that knowledge was not enough, when it came to losing weight.

She said she would literally fill her clients up with all the ‘good oil’ on what to eat to lose weight, but did the clients do what she said? No!

Anita said the most common statement made by her clients was and still is, “I know what to do, I just can’t keep doing it!”

Anita says that nothing happens to the body without the mind’s permission and that if we want to stop our girths growing, we need to learn to manage our minds.

The DietPsyche Difference

DietPsyche is a unique program combining nutrition, psychology & exercise to help you achieve health-related behaviour change.  We place great importance on psychological strategies to help you manage your mind, say no, stay motivated & committed to the goals you set.

Most of us KNOW what to eat & how to exercise BUT… lack the motivation, self-discipline & focus to translate our desire for optimal health into long term action & therefore reality!

Health management is all about self management because…..Nothing works unless we work.

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