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The Secret of Getting the Body and Life You Want (Part 3 of 4)


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You will have noticed that complying with the activities you need to do to reach your goals is still not easy. Being constantly in sync with your thoughts, actions, words and feelings is downright difficult.

Unfortunately, as humans we instantly think limitation. We become vibrationally resistant to whom we could become. We stay fat, single or in a bad relationship, unhealthy, financially challenged, mediocre or unhappy, and generally accepting of our unsatisfactory lot in life. To change our lives and break free of our self-imposed limitations we need to change our minds and believe in our ability to be who we want to be.

To become powerful manifestors we need to take charge of an important component of our minds, and that is, our emotions. Emotions are the barometer of our vibration. How we are feeling at any point in time indicates if we are in sync with ourselves and our desires or goals, or not. If we are feeling good, we are in line to attracting what we want.

Unfortunately, being human, we give up, we get lazy, and we don’t push ourselves. We like to dream and fantasise but often don’t have the follow-through, persistence or self-discipline to focus on bearing the fruit of our dreams. It is easier to focus on the reality of what is than focusing on the vibrational reality of a desire that has not yet manifested. It is also easier to do nothing, and stay stuck. I saw this clearly in a particular obese subset of the population I worked with. Brutal in their honesty, the most frequent reason they gave for their inability to lose weight was good old simple laziness. While some of this client population succeeded most failed at their weight lost attempts. And, why? They stayed exactly as they said they were, lazy. They just couldn’t really be bothered to lose weight despite their health problems, occupational difficulties and associated issues. They were waiting for a magic pill, something easy that didn’t require effort to get the body and life they wanted. They preferred to suffer right now, than function efficiently in the now so the future would not come crashing down on them with some obesity-related health problem. They blamed their jobs, their living situation, and their genes and stayed trapped in their self-imposed prison.

We spend our lives talking about what is going on right now, but when we do this we create a vibrational reality that is present tense. The ‘manifest your destiny’ experts say that if we are only willing to focus on the reality that is already manifested and happening today, we are focused on old news. This includes the money we have now, the body we have now, and the relationship we do or don’t have now. More often than not, the news we are experiencing today is not what we want our lives to be.

 If we want to create something bigger, better, healthier, we need to “feel it.” Feeling is the road to creation. If you feel the feeling of how you will feel when you have what you want the “Manifest Your Destiny” experts say you will set up the vibration to attract it. Basically you need to be a vibrational match to where you want to go.

So, what further strategies can we fine tune to get the body we want?

First and foremost, you need to work on your attitude, particularly your feeling attitude. To connect into a positive emotion with ease think of a time when you felt absolutely fabulous, full of joy, happiness and enthusiasm. If you have difficulty tuning into a positive emotion focus on the unconditional love of your pet, the beauty of nature, the wonders of the world. We call emotions that generate strong positive feelings touchstone emotions. The more you tune into the energy of these positive touchstone emotions the more you optimise your vibration. Connecting into touchstone emotions helps you to feel good, to feel free, flowing and light, as if you are in sync with all things. It is when you are in this positive frame of mind (thought and feeling) that you set up the vibration to create the life you want.

If you cannot hold a positive vibration or state of mind, keep refocusing on images or memories that are associated with touchstone emotions and you will find that through persistence you will maintain positive feelings for longer periods. Eventually you will learn to stay in a vibrational field that will attract other positive emotions and where solutions emerge, thereby creating the soil from which your goals and dreams will grow. Visit this vibrational field of positive emotion and thought at least daily and practice staying in it for longer and longer periods. You can work your way in, or someone can inspire you in. When you are in this positive feeling state this is where you will experience feelings of flow, ease, freedom and love. In this state you will like yourself more, and hardly surprisingly, attract more. It is a vibrational state of being. Milk it for everything it is worth. The more you think and talk about it, and try to be in it, the more it becomes your state of being.

Once you can generate and hold on to a positive emotional state, you will notice the emergence of thoughts consistent or in sync with that emotion. When you begin to notice these two events you are generating the vibrational energy to create the reality you want. And, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain because it is better to be marinating in a field of positive thought and emotion, than a cesspool of negativity!


By now you know the drill. Practice holding on to positive emotions 24/7 and doing more of the homework already assigned. Some people find writing a journal of positive thoughts and goals morning and night helps them to stay focused on positive thoughts and emotions. This journal is often referred to as a Gratitude Journal and helps one develop an Attitude of Gratitude. Treat yourself and splash out on a very special book that will cue you into your dreams and wishes.

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