Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Some Scary Facts on Fat


Most Western countries have identified the fight against fat as their primary health protection target. However, many developing countries are suffering the same fate.

The top ten countries, from highest to lowest, in prevalence of obesity between 1980 – 1998 will probably surprise you.

They were:

1. Samoa

2. Kuwait

3. UK

4. New Zealand

5. Mauritius

6. USA

7. Australia

8. Germany

9. Switzerland

10. Netherlands

FACT:  Obesity, particularly morbid obesity (BMI>40) may reduce life spans by up to 9 years.

FACT:  Obesity also significantly increases the risk of diabetes type II, high blood fats and heart disease and high blood pressure, as well as some cancers, to name just a few.

The most shocking possibility however is, that if obesity trends increase at their current rate, children could die before their parents. Childhood obesity since 1998 has accelerated, and continues to accelerate.

Fat is expensive. In the UK it was projected that by 2010 (this year) the annual cost to their economy of the indirect and direct costs of obesity would be a whopping 3.6 billion pounds.

For your own sake, and that of your children, or the children of the planet, model the behaviour you wish to encourage and….

eat, think, speak, listen and do mindfully

master your mind

move more

mindfulness  —  mastery —  movement


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