Sunday, September 24th, 2017

The Secret to Getting the Body and Life You Want (Part 2 of 4)


Well, if you did the homework assigned to you at the end of the part 1 of this article you will know how hard it is to exercise the self-discipline to follow through with activities that will help you get the body and life you want. Most of us fail due to poor follow through. We are an instant society and would rather press a button or pop a pill than do the work we need to do to be who we want to be!

So let’s learn some more secrets to how we can get what we want.

When we take the quantum physics path to creating our own reality, manifesting our desires is all about creating an energy state based on positive emotion then marinating that desire in a bath of the positive energy we have created.

Think about it. We have all had the experience of desiring something and being completely confident that we will get what we want. In these situations where we generate a feeling or vibration of well-being and positivity, we usually materialize our desires. Scientists would say it is because we are in vibrational alignment, or as we mere mortals would say, in sync with ourselves. Basically, we attract what we put out.

Unfortunately, when many of us set goals, we have a desire for something but don’t back it up with the necessary artillery to bring it into reality. For example, we don’t always include a ‘when, how or who’ component to our desire and don’t spend the time connecting in to how we will feel when we achieve the goal and marinating the goal in that feeling. Many of us make somewhat flippant and repetitive goals, like wanting to lose weight, without ever believing we will achieve it. This means we have a vibrational misalignment between the desire and the expectation. We entertain goals but feel very unsure about our capacity to successfully attain these goals. There is clearly discord between what we want and whether we think we will get what we want. No wonder we don’t get what we want. We don’t treat our goal setting seriously enough.

To manifest a goal we cannot afford to doubt attaining it or it will create discord. We need to create vibrational alignment by believing we will get what we wish for and by purposely and consciously staying in the zone of feeling the emotions we will experience when we get what we want.

Obviously being a ‘deliberate creator’ is harder to do, and the difficulty we have doing it seems to be proportional to the time we have spent on the planet! While we may have been born perfect it doesn’t take long to learn bad habits and basically become victims of life on earth. Think about it. Not long after hitting the planet we are taught to worry about what others think, to ‘not be too big for our boots’, to not expect too much, to worry. We establish chronic patterns of thoughts that become enduring beliefs that limit us and effect our vibration. Most of us while secretly hoping that good things will come to us, often deep down don’t believe that we deserve, or if we do, we don’t believe we deserve EVERYTHING we want. I notice particularly in the weight loss area that everyone wants to lose weight, but few people genuinely believe they can do it, and this is reflected in the failure rate of weight loss programs.

Our society teaches us very quickly about the contrasts or duality of life. Examples include: good and bad, sick and healthy, happy and sad, rich and poor, fat and thin, success and failure. Desires are spawned when we see the discrepancy between where we are now and where we want to be. This discrepancy between desired and actual provides blinding evidence that we are not getting what we want, whether it be related to a relationship, a slimmer body, a happier life, a better job, a nicer house.

Usually whenever life shows us what we don’t want there is an equivalent opposite desire for what we do want. For example, we don’t want to be fat, which means we want to be slim. We know we want money when we have none. We want health and well-being when we feel unwell.

The opposites or contrasts help us to focus on our desires. As soon as you wish for something you set up that vibrational reality. So, the rule is, be careful for what you wish for. Both negative and positive desires are recorded in the recesses of your subconscious. We become what we think! ‘Thoughts become things’ as the “Manifest Your Destiny” gurus say!

The manifestation maestros tell us that what we vibrate to, we manifest. And, this can be positive or negative. They warn us that if we beat the drum of not enough money, the inner self records that reality and we find ourselves with never having enough. We are blinded to the solution of abundance and stay stuck in ‘same stuff, different day’. And, what we don’t need to do is to attract, ‘same stuff, different decade’. We want to end the 2010 decade with a different attitude.

For every problem there is a solution. However, if we focus on the problem we tend to create more of the problem. For example, if we focus on how fat we are, and how much fat we have to lose, and how long it will take us and whether we can actually stick to a weight loss program we become overwhelmed and give up. Marinating in thoughts of how fat we are and how hard it is to lose the fat just keeps us problem focused and fat. Negative attracts negative.

On the brighter side, when we focus on the solution and how good we will feel when we have attained our ideal weight we find it easier to manifest that reality.

Essentially, we have a choice, focus on the problem and get more of it, or focus on the solution and successfully solve our dilemma. The facts are pretty simple, you can’t attract the solution when you are focused on the problem.


Now you have read part 2, maintain your adherence to the activities set as homework in part 1 of this newsletter but focus on how good you will feel when you have attained your ideal weight and the life you want.

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