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The Secret to Getting the Body and Life You Want- Part 1 of 4


We all create our own reality, 100% of the time, without exception. Unfortunately, we often don’t go about creating our current reality ‘on purpose’, and more often than not, we don’t always get what we want. To be a powerful creator, we need to be ‘proactively on purpose’, or deliberate creators. We also need to be persistent. Giving up IS NOT AN OPTION.

And, who am I to preach this, you might ask.

I am a graduate of what I am about to share with you. I am also a psychologist and a dietitian.When I was in my mid-20s I struggled with both my weight and eating and had done for more than a decade.

Everything changed after I attended a class on Cognitive Psychology at university during my undergraduate psychology degree. I learned the tool that has subsequently made others millions but gave me the body I wanted for nothing other than my perseverance and persistence.

The information was simple; it was what I did with it that made the difference. The information was that research showed that if one rehearses something for three minutes it goes to long-term memory. I decided to apply this teaching to my beliefs about my weight and size. For three minutes twice a day, over a six-month period, in my own mind I would do a quick process to relax myself and then watch myself walk down a river bed, find a bed of clay and model myself from this clay into the body I wanted. I then watched, in my mind, as this slim, svelte clay model of me come to life, donned in a translucent piece of nothing. I then watched me, slim, trim, taut and terrific, traipse through the forest depicted in my mind, for three minutes. In my mind I oozed joy, lightness and well-being. Within a relatively short period I achieved that body I wanted, and more than two decades later I still look like that body, except for a few minor aberrations created by the aging process! I became a believer because I became what I saw, felt and connected with, I got.

Using your imagination works.

I manifested a part of my destiny.

The concept of “How to Manifest Your Destiny” has been a marketing opportunity that has evolved into a multi-million dollar industry. Go in to any bookshop and you will find a plethora of books, CDs, DVDs, card sets, and other industry-related merchandising associated with learning to create anything you want. Then go to your email inbox and very likely you will find special offers for seminars and workshops on the subject. A number of the manifestation marketing engines have become global sensations. For example, most people have at least heard of, or read, or seen ‘The Secret’ or been exposed to the Abraham wisdoms brought forward to the marketplace by Esther and Jerry Hicks. The popularity of these self-help phenomena gives testament to how keen we are to be masters of our own destiny and to have new improved versions of our lives. You are clearly reading this article because you want to know what the secret is to getting what you want!

Many of the enormously successful personal growth movements are built on research from quantum physics and movies such as “The Secret” and “What the Bleep” use science and scientists to deliver the core premise on which their message is delivered, and that is, we are vibrational beings living in a vibrational universe. These scientists confirm that everything impacts on how we vibrate be it our thoughts, our words, our emotions, our memories, our habits, our actions, who we choose to mix with, our surroundings and even our diet. According to quantum physics and the ‘how to manifest your destiny’ industry, how we vibrate affects what we attract. And, nearly everything affects our vibration!

Now, the word DietPsyche translated means ‘food for the psyche or soul’ and this “food” we take in encompasses everything we consume be it our thoughts and feelings or what we eat and drink. So not only do we need to WATCH what we put in our mouths, but what we put into our minds, and even our environments. Following is a great acronym for WATCH that reminds us what vibrational realities we need to be managing to get what we want.

WATCH your:





Heart (emotions)

The WATCH acronym is easy to write, easy to read, easy to remember but hard to do. No wonder we don’t get what we want. Being in sync with our thoughts, words and deeds, as well as our feelings and character is not an easy state to attain, particularly when we live such stressful lives. However, learning to WATCH what we take in is a goal worth pursuing as a personal growth step because not only is it more likely to get us what we want it forces us to ‘walk our talk’ 24/7 and live in integrity.

Between now and part 2 of this newsletter I suggest you practice the exercise I shared above as well as WATCH what you say, do, think, feel and how you present who you are.

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