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The DietPsyche Difference


anita2Welcome to the first blog for DietPsyche. As you may have learned from the “About Us” section (if you read it), DietPsyche was created as an approach to weight loss and disordered eating that combines:

  • Diet (balanced nutrition & healthy eating habits)
  • Psychology (mental fitness)
  • Exercise (physical fitness)

My name is Anita Cochrane and the vision for DietPsyche was first conceived in the mid-90s. It emerged from my background as both a Dietitian and Psychologist.

I first graduated as a Dietitian in 1979. Yes, way back when very few people had a mobile phone, when digital cameras were virtually unheard of and when we relied on dial-up on the slim chance that we did have an internet connection in the home, or even a personal computer!

I was young and enthusiastic when I commenced work as a dietitian. I assumed that all I needed to do was tell people what to eat and provide basic exercise/activity suggestions and they would run away and do exactly what I advised becoming permanently slim, trim, taut and terrific in the process.

Of course, it will come of no surprise to you to learn that I was very wrong.

I had incorrectly assumed that weight loss was a simple maths equation – less in, more out, and hey presto, the fat just gets whittled away!

It took no time at all after commencing work as a dietitian to clearly and indisputably realise that there was more to this weight loss game than telling people what to put in their mouths and how to move their bodies.

I learned that while most people could and would lose weight, few would keep going with their weight loss or healthy eating and exercise program and of those who did lose weight, few would keep it off.  Even fewer kept exercising.

Changing people’s behaviour in relation to weight loss and disordered eating such as binge eating, bulimia and anorexia was going to be a challenge.

I could probably write a book on what excuses or reasons people have given me over the last 30 years for why they couldn’t stick to an eating and exercise plan that would assure weight loss, address disordered eating and ensure ongoing physical fitness, but more about that later.

It seemed to me that the missing ingredient was psychological. It was something in people’s minds that prevented them from making their lives a healthy habit and being who they wanted to be.

So, by 1986 I had commenced a psychology degree in pursuit of the panacea for permanent behaviour change. And three psychology degrees later, did I find the Holy Grail of weight loss and other permanent health-related behaviour changes? Well, sort of, but you may not like the answer because the bad news is there is no magic pill. The answer to making weight-related change is not found outside yourself, it is in YOU.

“If it is to be, it’s up to me”, needs to be your mantra if you want to overcome overweight, obesity, over-eating, binge-eating, bulimia, and other forms of disordered eating, and if you want to become physically and mentally fitter.

There has been a reasonable amount of research performed on identifying what facilitates effective behaviour change in psychological therapy and this information can be applied to the health-related behaviour changes I am referring to in this blog.

The research performed by Scott Miller (refer to and his colleagues has identified the following:

  • client factors account for 87% of change in therapy. Translated, this means ~90% of your success is in YOUR hands
  • therapeutic affects account for the remaining 13% of change and is apportioned as follows:
  1. 8% is attributed to the quality of your relationship with your treating practitioner. The better the relationship, the stronger the outcomes.
  2. 4% is attributed to how much your treating professional believes in their approach, so make sure the person you are working with believes in what they do
  3. 1% is attributed to the model or technique  your treating professional uses

So, the takeaway message from this blog is ….

DietPsyche is a unique program combining nutrition, psychology & exercise to help you achieve & maintain weight loss, manage disordered eating, and become mentally and physically fitter. We place great importance on psychological strategies to help you manage your mind, say no to bad habits, and to stay motivated and committed to your health-related changes.

Most of us KNOW what to eat and how to exercise BUT… lack the motivation, self-discipline & focus to translate our desire for weight loss into long term action & therefore reality!

While a magic wand is a great fantasy, the reality is….

Nobody else can lose your weight for you

Nobody can exercise your body for you

No one can think for you

Your new mantra needs to be, “If it is to be, it is up to me!”

DietPsyche IS NOT for people who are looking for instant weight loss.

DietPsyche IS NOT a diet, IT IS A WAY OF LIFE. Diets are something people tend to go on, to go off.

DietPsyche IS NOT for people looking for something outside themselves to achieve weight loss such as a magic pill, miracle diet, or vibrating machines that don’t involve exercise it just wobbles your fat.

DietPsyche  IS for people who are prepared to take responsibility for their current state of health and are willing to be self-responsible enough to use sensible guidelines provided by the DietPsyche program to:

  • improve their nutritional intake,
  • overcome disordered eating habits,
  • achieve an ideal and sensible weight for their size and health,
  • improve both their mental fitness and
  • improve their physical fitness.

DietPsychE is the whole enchilada, not just the entree. You get three things for one – diet, psychology and exercise – so as you take charge of your eating habits and weight, you are given guidelines for improving your physical health and fitness, and for personal development.

You have nothing to lose but your weight.

On an on-line membership site is currently being developed, so watch this space.

Warm Regards

Anita Cochrane

© Mindz Matter Pty Ltd

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